Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Cute kids

Setting the scene: I'm on playground duty in year 1-3 playground area, when 3 little girls walk up to me very shyly...

Little Girl 1: You ask her!

Little Girl 2: No, you ask!

Little Girl 3: I'll ask... Excuse me, are you preg-a-nent?

Me: Um... yes I am!

LG 3: (Starts to rub my tummy, nodding at friends as if to say it's okay to touch!) Are you having a boy or a girl?

Me: I'm not sure, I'll have to wait until it's born to find out! (awkwardly holds folder in front of tummy to try and stop the rubbing)

LG3: Oh, ok... How long are you here for?

Me: I'll be here for 3 weeks.

LG3: Oh good! That means you'll be able to tell us what it is!

Me: I won't have the baby by then! I have to wait for another four months!

LG3: (Very disappointed). Oh. (Looks at friends, gives tummy another quick rub, grabs their hands.. ) Well I hope it all goes okay!

Too cute....

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  1. Very cute story! Irene and I had a giggle. Some of the things that happen on duty are hilarious are'nt they? You've disappointed those three little girls youknow. They all thought they were going to see the new bubby. Clucky girls, just like my three girls!!


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