Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Dentist again

Well back to the dentist again today. Was meant to be next week, but I had a bit of pain in the tooth that was done first, so they got me in quicker. Unfortunately because I had had pain they couldn't finish the root canal off. They just gave it another clean out, did an x-ray and put another temp filling in (which, by the way, is orange). So that means I have to go back two more times instead of once. I was so upset when I came out - am a bit hormonal this week - I'm so over having to go back. My mouth was sore after this time because they did x-rays and the card things were so sharp they cut inside my mouth. Plus I have an oversensitive gag reflex and when they took the x-ray I gagged, so it didn't work out properly and they had to do it again. It sucked!

Luckily they're hoping what they've done (which was to stuff some kind of medicated dressing into the root passage before filling it) will keep me out of pain until after the baby is born and I won't have to go back until then. So fingers crossed that the pain stays away! I can't just try and put up with it either because pain could mean infection which could harm bubby, so I have to go straight back if that happens.

Anyway we're off to Noosa tomorrow after uni classes... it's my bro's birthday on Monday so we're doing some birthday stuff this weekend.

Oh and congrats to my little sis Alexie on *finally* going for her Learners, and (of course) getting them first time!

Okay... off to eat my yummy baked golden syrup dumplings that I made for dessert.

Later gaze!

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