Thursday, 31 July 2008

On the home front

Blog readers who are wondering (yes this is for you karlos) the update is that we are NOT moving. There just wasn't anything on our side of town that was any bigger than where we are now anyway... and it just isn't worth it for us to move to the other side of town when you take into account the cost of petrol. So we are staying put for at least a year, and we'll reconsider this time next year.

By the way... I miss you Karlos!!! Visiting the coast just isn't the same without you there... especially walking in to Big W without seeing your smiling face, and no-one else there will give me a hug!

Zoey x

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  1. thanks for the update :)
    i miss you to, it was always allot of fun when you and Pete came down. I think of you all the time, have that picture of us all at mums exhibition on my desk (gmans not in it though, i need to get 1 of him) its great having your blog to keep in touch.

    love you zoey and pete and baby


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