Tuesday, 24 June 2008

root canal and morning sickness... oh what a wonderful morning

Okay so it wasn't *that* bad.. but today I went to the dentist. I was very lucky to get in so quickly, it only took 2 days! I was high on the list, being in pain and unable to take pain medication because of my pregnancy. The dentist (who looked about 19) asked me what was hurting the most, and I said that I was most worried about the two huge cavities I have. So she took some x-rays and said that the cavity on the left hand side is really big and she wanted to work on that first. She told me I'd probably need a root canal, but could have the tooth pulled if I preferred (I think not!). So off she went.. about 3 needles later... she drilled and drilled, poked and put weird tools into my mouth, then she pulled out all this feral looking gunk and (temporarily) filled my tooth. And there you have it... a root canal. I have to go back in a few weeks for a root canal on the right hand side, then they will take out the temporary filling and check out how the left hand side is going. Fun fun fun. Now I'm just waiting for the feeling to come back in my face.. The right side is back, but the left hand side which had 2 needles still has no feeling. I feel weird like my face must look funny but Pete assures me that it doesn't. In any case, thank the lord for public health because what they did to me today would have been a good few hundred dollars worth!

Oh and this morning I had my first morning sickness upchuck. Charming huh? I didn't even feel sick, but stood up out of bed and the gag reflexes were off... I tried to stay upbeat: "Pete, I'm throwing up, I'm definitely pregnant!" but after about 5 minutes hanging over the toilet bowl that wore off. Made things interesting at the dentist, I was having stern conversations with my gag reflexes telling them to calm themselves while things were being poked in my mouth!!

Oh the joys of it all... To be honest though I don't mind and I'm not complaining. I'm so excited and every new symptom (even the gross ones) just reminds me of the miracle that is growing within me. We're so happy! 11 weeks today.... by my dates in any case. We're still going by our original dates because the dates that the hospital doctor gave me just don't line up in terms of conception dates.

And it's my wonderful husband's birthday tomorrow! So once the numbness wears off my face and I can smile again, I'll be hitting the shops for birthday shopping purposes. Thursday night will be dinner out (if my stomach can handle it) followed by Get Smart at the movies. Ooh and coffee and cake with our friends tomorrow night! Woohoo..

I love holidays...

Zoey x


  1. :( i wish i could come over and give you a big hug, glad that you have such a positive attitude about it all. Some people would be going crazy by now.

    lots of love
    hugs and kisses

  2. Wow, there's so much to comment on in this post. Hope you teeth don't give you too much trouble now. Can't wait to talk to bubs again, and you both of course. Don't want baby friend to not remember my voice!! Retail therapy is ALWAYS good. Sounds like some fun days ahead. The sicko feeling should subside soon, hopefully heh? Hope PJ goes well with exam will be praying for him on his birthday. Nan said he'll be feeling good coz it's his special day so he should do well!! Well we know he'll do well. There's more on his side than against!! Hopefully will get to ring him and chat. Love you ALL XXXooxxOOO A&E


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