Monday, 2 June 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another assignment down!

This is very exciting for me. I now have four more:
  • A brochure and teacher's information pack about a numeracy area and how to help students with special needs.
  • A report detailing the needs of a certain child with special needs.
  • A case study about 2 students I documented on my prac.
  • An in-class planning episode.
Woohoo!! I can't wait till it's over, I so deserve holidays.

And this weekend we're going camping with some friends from our smallgroup, which will be cold, but great fun and I"m really looking forward to it.

Then one more week, and it's all over!!

So much to do!!!!!

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  1. Wahoo, good on you Zoz. I am here helping you though not in a practical way but if it's support you need, you got mine!!
    Love to you ALL


Thank you!!


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