Friday, 6 June 2008

no camping

We were meant to go camping tomorrow with another couple from homegroup, but because of the weather we've decided not to. It's a bit of a shame because we were all really looking forward to it, but there is nothing worse than camping in the rain. Especially having to fold up your tents while they're wet and then they get stinky and you have to put them up in the backyard when you get home so they dry and then pack them up again... no thanks.

So instead, we are going to go out to the big M (Mundubbera) and visit my grandparents and aunty and cousins for the weekend. Should be good, but we'll have to take some work out with us so we can keep on top of our assignments. It's a really long weekend for us because neither of us have any classes on Tuesdays either, so we can stay out there an extra day.

Speaking of assignments, I got another one done today: the in-class lesson planning one. We had to write up a four resources plan (doesn't matter what that means, I know most people won't have a clue) based on a text we were given as a stimulus. Most people were given picture books. My partner and I got a Rivers catologue, with the heading "Dirty Girls". Weird huh? It was actually a women's shoe catologue, dirty because the front page had a pic of these lime green gumboots that were all dirty. Weird connotations though huh? We were a bit taken aback, but eventually we came up with some really good ideas, so here's hoping that it works out to a good mark.

I'm now in the middle of creating my brochure for parents. I'm doing it as a brochure to give to parents of kids who've just finished prep, giving them ideas to keep up on their maths skills over the holidays before year one. I think I have pretty good ideas, but now I just have to have the focus to sit and do the stupid thing instead of distracting myself!

I'm feeling a bit seedy today... and still tired. I have made my first appointment with the antenatal clinic the other day, so I'm looking forward to that. Everything is starting to feel alot more real, iykwim. (which is, by the way, an acronym which stands for If You Know What I Mean).

Anyway, back to the grindstone....



  1. Sorry that you didn't get to go camping. Enjoy your trip to M and your family. You need a break even though you both took work, it will still be time out of your normal routine. Love you all
    A&E xxxx

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