Sunday, 1 June 2008

My big news...

Well.. most of my blog readers already know... so I figured I may as well reveal our big news.

Pete and I are expecting our first baby in January!!!
We are very excited, and so far everything seems to be going fairly well - with a couple of mini-dramas over the last week.

I'm already over peeing in cups and getting blood taken.. lol. But it is ALL worth it. 110%.

The most exciting thing ever this week, was that we got to see our baby's heartbeat. It was a drama-full, over-eventful experience that started on Friday night with me finding blood, and ended with me in emergency for 4 hours in the middle of the night, having doctors say that they want to rule out an eptopic pregnancy (minor freak-out), having my first ever canular put in, and my first ever drip, and eventually having an ultrasound and seeing our little bean with its little fluttery heartbeat. Before anyone freaks, everything is okay, the blood was nothing to worry about and everything is as it should be.

Except for the lack of sleep.. lol. I thought the neighbour's light caused a bad night's sleep...... I tell you it is nothing compared to arriving in emergency at 11.15pm, sitting around waiting to see a doctor for hours and hours while drunk idiots with injuries caused by their own stupidity get to go in before me... and eventually getting home after 3.00am!!!!! But we have decided that the silver lining (maybe even golden) of seeing that all is well with our baby makes it totally worth it. The heartbeat was at 160 beats per minute, which is apparently perfect.

So prayers that everything continues to go as well as it has been would be much appreciated.

In the meantime we are trying to catch up on sleep, and I'm trying to have an appetite because I really should be eating... contrary to what my body is trying to make me believe.

But we are more happy than we have ever been (and that's saying something). Bring on January!!!


  1. I cannot wait to see your baby, i only wish i could have been here to be with you during pregnancy. I am glad to have your blog though and im sure you will keep us all up to date with everything that happens. and I am always a phone call away if you want to have a chat about anything. All my love is with you and your fist little friend :D

  2. Oh guys, that must have been a bit scary, yet like you say you now have proof that all is well as can be with little bean. I call it our kidney bean. Hope you both managed some sleep. Love as always to you ALL.


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