Monday, 30 June 2008


Nah kidding... we're not having twins, but I got your heart-rate going didn't I!

Today I had my appointment at the antenatal clinic with a lovely midwife.

I had to pee in a cup (surprise surprise)... and then I was interviewed as the midwife filled in two million forms, then she took my blood pressure (130/70 for those who are interested, pretty good for me) and poked around at my tummy.
She said that my uterus was bigger than what you would expect at this stage, and wondered if we might be having twins. I told her that there was only one heartbeat at the 7 week scan... so she ruled it out after all. She tried to hear the heartbeat with a doppler, but we couldn't hear it yet :( That could be because of the way the bubby was lying, or because I have one too many layers of fat between me and bubby, or just sometimes you can't actually get the heartbeat with a doppler until 18 weeks! Oh and another exciting thing is she thinks that some of the fluttery feelings I've been having may be early movement!

I've been booked in for a whole tonne of classes, (breastfeeding, physio, antenatal), and for my 18 week scan, which will be on the 19th of August. Looks like it's full steam ahead for the three of us!

I'm 12 weeks tomorrow (by my dates) which is pretty exciting. This is what bubby looks like :

So yeah... it's been an exciting day.. is feeling very real right now.


  1. Hey talk about heart failure more like it!!!! LOL, this is great, Thanks for keeping us up to date on everything. I love it all. Except the heart failure bit.
    Ooo look at little bean... I am so clucky - do you realize?
    Love to you three xxxx

  2. Twins!! that did get my attention, that would have been amazing. Good to hear everything is going well for you two. :D


Thank you!!


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