Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pete's Special Day

Happy birthday dear Pete... Happy birthday to you.
This is the cool cake I iced for my gorgeous hubby's birthday. He asked for blue and green and he got blue and green. So blue in fact, that we all ended up with blue tongues!

Hubby is not the proud owner of a waffle making machine, a book about being a first-time dad, and a whole bag full of silly presents like a paper plane making book, curly straws, party poppers, a sudoku book and lots of chocolate. The latter present was given to him after the exam he had to do (which by the way he feels confident about) when I took him to picnic point for a special picnic. It was a lovely afternoon. Then we came home and I made a chicken lasagne for dinner, and Pete made this lovely cake which I iced. Then some of our homegroup friends came over and we had a social evening. It was very nice and Pete had a very happy birthday.

Today we went to see Get Smart at the movies. It is SO good.. lots of laugh out loud moments and good fun. There were enough elements of the old Get Smart for you to make the connections, but it wasn't trying to be a remake. Steve Carrel made his own Max Smart, didn't try to copy Don Adams, and Anne Hathaway was beautiful as always. They worked really well together. We'd definitely recommend it!

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