Monday, 21 November 2011

The One Where I Show You Some Photos Of Our New House

We have been in for over a week now, and are mostly unpacked. I have to say, I LOVE our new home. I thought I loved our old home, but this one is so much better in so many ways. I really love living here.

So here are some photos of our beautiful home.. we are so blessed!


This is our dining/computer/living area, looking into our lounge room. Technically this big open area should be the lounge room, and what we’re using for a lounge should be the dining room, but we wanted to keep it all as open as possible. Plus I’m taking this photo from the kitchen doorway, and to me it makes more sense to have the dining room next to the kitchen.


We spoiled our table with a pretty new table cloth and runner. And I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t made it Christmassy!


The opposite wall of the living room. I love how this house has the beams all around the walls, they make fabulous picture rails!


This is from the living area looking back into the entry hallway & front door. On the right is our bedroom, and on the left is what will be Baby Two’s bedroom, but neither of them are ready for the public eye just yet! I’m kind of in love with the fact that all the feature glass panels in this house are pink and green, and the only feature wall in the house is pretty much my favourite shade of green.


Through the front door is our very impressive front verandah. We’ve eaten almost every meal since we moved here out there, and we are planning on investing in a nice outdoor setting, because the verandah most certainly justifies it!


Our lounge room. The blinding light behind the couch is a set of french doors onto a narrow landing outside. When they’re opened we get a delightful breeze through the house. (See the delicious green wall!)


This is the view from the doorway back through the living area. You can see the kitchen door at the end. If you walk through the door where I’m standing, you will find a sunroom (which will soon become my craft room) on the right, a bathroom on the left, and a funny little hallway which leads to Mayana’s bedroom. I just went to take a photo of Mayana’s bedroom but it seems she’s been doing some pretty hardcore playing in there today so I’ll wait for a day when it’s a tad tidier I think!


I will, however show you the bathroom. Super cute huh? I love the claw-footed bathtub!


Back through to the other end of the house, to the kitchen! It’s smaller than our last kitchen, but I think probably more functional. Plus it has a pretty awesome stove! The table in the middle there is to be used for bench-space, because there’s not much else to speak of in the rest of the kitchen.


Doesn't my beautiful cupboard look great in here!?


Oh, and the Pièce de résistance, our walk-in pantry. It’s like a little bit of heaven for us… we’ve lived in two places with no pantry at all, and one with the most ridiculous and impractical pantry every invented. So this feels verrrry flash!

So there you have it! Our lovely new home… God sure turned this situation into something pretty awesome, huh?


  1. What a beautiful home.
    The bones are gorgeous - but you've made it really sweet.

  2. You are right, this house is better! You've made it into a lovely home already- beautiful.

  3. Love these old Queenslanders! Wish we were in a house like that. Looks awesome!


Thank you!!


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