Monday, 14 November 2011

The Month of Hairy Men

It’s that time of year again, where the men about town are slightly hairier than usual, and husbands are slightly more prickly to kiss. Well, mine is. Because last week, he announced to me that he was going to take part in Movember.

Yikes! I told him that he would be forgoing kisses for a month. If only he weren’t such a great kisser… he’s up keeping his end of the bargain far more successfully than I am. 

He started off with an incredibly creepy mo-design, but has thankfully tamed it back to a more standard-type moustache. I’m no fan, there are moments when he kind of looks like Kip to me and that more than freaks me out.

Freaky right?

Right now, he hasn’t shaved for a few days, so his ‘mo’ is kind of blended in to the rest of his facial hair. He’s threatening to tidy it up,so we’ll see how that turns out. Once it’s fully grown I’ll take a photo for you all to enjoy.

This year, Movember is supporting charities such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Beyond Blue, which are both worthy causes. So if you have a spare minute and a spare dollar, pop by my husband’s Mo Bro profile and sponsor his creepy facial caterpillar heroic efforts to make a difference and raise some awareness for these great charities.

And spare a thought for me… I’ll just be sitting here, waiting for December, when I can have my smooth-skinned and far-more-kissable husband back!

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