Monday, 28 November 2011

Point + Shoot: Fun in the Sun

And when I say sun, I mean stinking hot and humid Queensland summer sun. It was quite a warm weekend to say the least, but we still managed to have a lovely time together…

We enjoyed a lazy breakfast at the local French bakery (yum!!!).


Then we came home and took photos of my ever-growing baby bump (17 weeks on Saturday!!)


And of course Mayana wanted a photo of her baby too…


I had a table of handmade goodies to sell at a church women’s event in the afternoon, which was lots of fun.When I got home, we meandered down to the ‘Duck Park’ to feed Mayana’s little friends. There are also a whole bunch of turtles who live in here, and the poke their little heads up so they don’t miss out on a good feed too! Mayana LOVES it.


Some of the duckies got a bit brave and came quite close to Mayana, until she tried to cuddle them. That kind of freaked them out.


Once the bread was all gone it was time to hit the playground.


Mayana loves the Duck Park!

We also enjoyed a visit from my parents and Aunty Joce who came to check out our new digs, and the community Christmas Carols on Sunday evening. Clearly I was having too much fun to take photos though.

Back to work today… and only four more days before HOLIDAYS!!! (can you tell I’m excited?)

I’m playing along with Louise for Point + Shoot… you should too!

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  1. oooo cute dress!

    I envy your hot weather though :)


Thank you!!


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