Saturday, 5 November 2011

On the Move

I can't believe that after only nine months our belongings are all being boxed up for another move.

A few weeks ago, the house we are currently renting was sold. Technically, our lease gives us the right to stay here until July next year. And after a seriously embarrassing, pregnancy-hormone-induced breakdown I had when the agent called me at work to tell me about the sale which is on a 30 day contract, i was just about ready to tell them where to stick it! However, when our landlord offered to pay for a good portion of our moving costs, and we did the math and imagined how awful it would be to have to move with an 8ish week old baby, we decided to play along- as long as the Real Estate helped us to find a wonderful house to move into. We definitely wouldn't be moving for anything less than wonderful.

Thankfully, they came to the party. Next week, we'll be moving into another delightful Queenslander... In fact I'd probably go so far as to say that it is even more delightful than the one we live in now! It has polished timber floors, a beautifully done up kitchen with an actual walk-in pantry (as opposed to no pantry at all). Two lovely bathrooms, one of which houses a claw-footed bath (swoon). An absolutely beautiful front verandah. A swing set and cubby house in the yard (which is what sold Mayana). Wardrobes in every room - even a walk-in one in the master bedroom. An actual laundry room (as opposed to taps for your washing machine in a corner under the house). And stacks of storage space and playing space under the house too. Plus, there is a real dining room upstairs, as well as a sunroom, and even Baby Two will be able to have his/her own room. Well, at least until he/she is sleeping through the night, because with the sheer size of Mayana's room it would be a crime to not have them share at some point.
All this and we'll only be paying $10 more a week than what we pay now! God is indeed good to us.

I actually can't wait to be living there. I only wish this while process of the packing and moving and unpacking could be done with a simple click of the fingers. As it is, we get the keys on Tuesday, the truck is booked for Wednesday, Peter has a day's teaching work on Thursday and will spend Friday doing a bond clean before we hand the keys back in. I'm not sure yet how I feel about all of this happening while I'm at work. Hopefully my boss will see fit to give me a few early marks this week! I think he will, considering he and his wife have offered to have Maysi all Wednesday afternoon, feed, bath and ready her for bed so we can get the important things like beds organized at the new house. In fact we've been blown away by all the offers of help for moving and cleaning and looking after Mayana. We have definitely landed ourselves in a lovely community.

Peter has been wonderful (isn't he always?). He's done pretty much all of the packing with the 'help' of a certain nearly-three-year-old (who is generally happy as long as there is any empty box in which to play), and all of the phone calls to organize for utilities to be changed over, arranged all the money side of things with paying bond etc, booked the removalist, and still managed to keep on top of the washing, and cook dinner most nights when the smell and thought of food still makes me want to barf. Oh, and organize himself to apply for a good handful of jobs for next year, as well as arranging the literal pile of things he needs to apply for Education Queensland. He's truly awesome, and I'm truly blessed.

I hope you have a great weekend. I'll be busy hanging out with my family who are coming up to see my sister's dance concert, and trying to mentally prepare myself for the whirlwind week ahead. Wish us luck!


  1. Exciting times!
    Keep your head above water - and enjoy!

  2. A brand new house to bring a brand new baby home in- Praise God! I know that in no time at all you will have created a warm loving space for your family to thrive in.

  3. moving sucks but it sounds like it was meant to be AND congrats. I didnt knwo your were expecting.


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