Monday, 6 June 2011

The Cupboard of my Dreams

So you might remember a while ago that I was trying to convince my husband that we desperately needed the delightful 1940’s style retro pantry cupboard from a local second hand store.

A few weeks ago, the day before payday, I finally got him onside. I went to work, and he went to purchase the cupboard of my dreams.

That afternoon, he picked me up from work with a sad, dejected look on his face.

“It was gone, wasn’t it.” I said.

“I’m sorry, someone had already bought it,” he replied.


I tried not to dwell on it but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t incredibly disappointed. I REALLY wanted that cupboard. But it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

The next day, my darling picked me up from work, and was in more of a hurry to get me inside than usual.

I walked up the stairs, through the door, and there, before my eyes was this:

My beautiful, dream cupboard. Yup. My husband had lied to me. What a lovely, lovely lie! I think this is probably the second-best surprise he has every pulled off for me (the first being his proposal).

From there, we spend a week or two with paint chips blue tacked to the cupboards, trying to decide which colour to paint it.


Eventually, we chose our favourite shade, and the perfect new handles, and one evening we finally got to work with the sanding and the painting. Even Mayana helped out!



The doors came off and we went to work!


I was so excited the whole time we were painting. Pete couldn’t stop laughing at me.


After 3 coats, we were happy.

And here it is. My very beautiful, retro kitchen cabinet.

My dream cupboard:


Isn’t it wonderful!!

My husband ROCKS!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry for the delete above- couldn't live with the typo!

    That looks just beautiful.
    What a gorgeous lie - the only acceptable kind!
    Enjoy it.

  3. Ha ha Shar ^^ Such a teacher :)

    Pete, you are the man. Zoey - I am openly jealous of your pantry cupboard!

  4. LOVE IT! Zoey it looks fantastic.


Thank you!!


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