Saturday, 22 January 2011

Party like you’re turning two!!

Can you believe it? I hardly can myself… but my baby is now two years old!

Last Sunday, we celebrated this milestone with a small party of family and friends. It was a lovely afternoon, and Mayana was very spoilt! I feel very blessed to have our special family and friends there – especially the few that were still here from Perth.

On Saturday afternoon, Mayana and I made the birthday cake. This was very exciting for her.. she loves helping out with anything in the kitchen, and was even more excited that it was her “happy birthday owl cake!”. Yep. I made her an owl cake. And I was pretty darn proud of it, too!

 IMGP8321  IMGP8325


Mayana wore a gorgeous new outfit for the afternoon. I bought her the most beautiful bright pink pettiskirt from Ok Charli, which she wore with a white singlet which I embellished with a very cute flower button. She looked super girly, and super gorgeous. See for yourself.


When it came time to sing Happy Birthday, Mayana was very excited about blowing out her candle. The trouble was the breeze not allowing it to stay lit for long enough!

We got there eventually though, and Mayana got to blow out her candle. I was concerned that she wouldn’t take too kindly to us cutting up her beloved owl cake, but thankfully the fact that it was covered in sprinkles, and that she got to eat a piece trumped that in the end, and she was quite happy to share him out between her friends.



IMGP8349 IMGP8363IMGP8368 Mayana got very spoilt indeed with presents, and it became quite overwhelming for her. When we would tell her who a present was from, she would take it and try and give it away to them! She took a bit of convincing that they really were all for her!

I think one of the problems was that she was opening these exciting and fun toys, and having to put them down straight away without playing with them to open the next one!


IMGP8389   Once they were all opened, she settled down to play with her duplo, before running off to investigate her new kitchen!

It was such a lovely afternoon – the perfect way to celebrate my gorgeous daughter’s birthday.


  1. Oh wow, looks like she had a fabulous time. Love love love her pettiskirt, Liv wore a baby pink one to her birthday party! Can't believe she's 2! x

  2. Gorgeous! Well done on the cake, Mayana must have been thrilled with it. I love the button brooch - you should sell them! :)

  3. Yay for duplo! :-D

    Happy Birthday Mayana!!


Thank you!!


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