Sunday, 9 January 2011

the days before...

Well the wedding has come and gone, and my family are at me to share the stories and the photos... so here goes!

As I mentioned earlier, we had our wonderful interstate famil arrrive from the the 27th, through to the new year, and the days before the wedding were filled with fun times making happy memories.

We had a few stressful moments -  my Nana and Pop and Aunty were stranded in the wide-bay flooding... with my bridesmaid dress! Thankfully, the waters receded enough that they were able to come through on Sunday, which was a massive relief to us all.

Unfortunately, my mum's best friend (Aunty Joce) and her family were not so lucky. They had travelled to Emerald for Christmas, and were well and truly stuck in the flood-ravaged town. Aunty Joce managed to get one of the last plane tickets to fly back to Brisbane, though it was touch and go for a while whether she would even be able to get to the airport without the help of a boat! Thankfully, she did, and we were very happy to have her at the wedding. her family ended up getting home a few days afterwards, after driving for 28 hours on a trip that usually takes nine!

On Monday, it was all systems go! We had a church to prepare for a wedding, and the extended family rallied to help. If I do say so myself, we did a beautiful job (as you'll see when I get to the wedding post!).

Monday evening saw us taking a relaxing Noosa River sunset cruise, with all of our extended family, and some of the groom's as well. It was so lovely, a great way to unwind and have time together before the big day.

 My Poppy

 Tan Tan & Mayana

 My Papa's eldest and youngest sibling. Lovely.

 My husband kissing my sister behind the toilet (!) Ooh lala!
The {nearly} bride and groom with their niece.

Tan Tan & Oom Campbell (aka my wonderful Godparents!)

We finished the evening with fish and chips at the Noosa Marina, and a relatively early night... I couldn't think of a nicer way to spend the evening before the wedding!

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