Saturday, 22 January 2011

An Amazing Tuesday: Part One

Tuesday morning, at 1.40am, it was exactly 2 years since I sat bolt upright in bed with my first contraction. I was scared, and completely elated all once: I was going to meet my baby. And just over eight-and-a-half hours later, there she was. My red, wrinkly, cone-headed, teeny-tiny, 5lbs 2oz baby girl. “Her name is Mayana Joy Shanae!” I announced to the world. I was in love. And I didn’t even notice the cone-head until I looked at the photos later. You’ll be pleased to know it didn’t last long, and her head was perfectly round and gorgeous only a few hours later.

And on Tuesday, my tiny 5lbs 2oz (2.3kg) baby, who is now a tiny 20lbs 4oz (9.4kg) toddler, turned two!

Can I just say, I love having a toddler. I have honestly loved every stage my girl has gone through so far. Watching her grow and learn is so exciting. I loved her babyhood, but I don’t pine for it. Toddlerhood is such fun. Sure, we have the occasional tantrum and sooky moments, but her voice is tiny like her, so we can deal with it. She’s displaying her independence in every possible way. She also is speaking HEAPS. We can hardly believe how much she adds to her vocabulary every single day. Even people who haven’t seen her for a week will notice how much it extends even in that short amount of time. She is able to communicate most of her needs to us now, and says some very funny things. For example, today I took her to a shop, and she was touching something she shouldn’t have been. I said to her, “Mayana, we don’t touch things at the shops. We put our hands on our hips, and we look with our…?” “Eyebrows!” She answered, emphatically. It was very funny.

Like I said, she is still little. Two kilograms lighter than her cousin who is over a year younger than her! She still wears size 00 or 0 clothes, and fits the occasional 000. But I don’t worry so much these days, and the doctors have backed off, too. Anyone who knows Mayana knows that her size doesn’t stop her doing anything. She’s one of the healthiest, happiest, loveliest kids around.

We spent her birthday fairly quietly. She had opened most of her presents at her birthday party and only had her big one from us left. We got her an awesome slippery-dip/ball-pit set. She LOVES it, and has spent any moment that she can sneak outside playing on it.


We did some shopping, and Kami bought Mayana a Dorothy the Dinosaur dress and matching hat for her birthday present. Another big hit for the Wiggles-lover, of course! It was while we were shopping that the exact moment she turned two occurred…. and I missed it! I have a good reason though, which you’ll find out if you hang around long enough to read An Amazing Tuesday: Part Two.

In the afternoon, we drove to Montville, which is one of our favourite places to visit. We had lunch, meandered through the gorgeous little shops, and had afternoon tea. It was lovely.

So happy birthday to my gorgeous big two-year-old, who I love more each day than ever before. You fill my life with joy, and you make my heart full. I love you so much!

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