Saturday, 22 January 2011


The cool thing about having interstate family over is that you get to see your hometown through new eyes. It’s kind of fun going to all the attractions that locals just don’t really take advantage of, as well as showing off your favourite haunts.

So it’s been lots of fun day-tripping to Australia Zoo, Underwater World, Montville, Kenilworth, and lots of other fun places.

Here our some of my favourite pics from our touristing adventures…

Australia Zoo

I hadn’t been to Australia Zoo for easily ten-ish years, so we were very excited when my cousin Jake and his wife Louise asked us along for the day. Their daughter Sunny is two months younger than Mayana, and the two of them are very alike. After some initial disagreements, they settled in to an easy friendship. Our day at the zoo was our final day with them, and they really enjoyed looking at all the animals together. Especially the otters!!







We were lucky enough to be there while Terry, Bindi & Robert Irwin were home. Bindi did an all-singing, all-dancing show with her “Crocgirls”, and Terry took part in the croc show. It was good fun.


  We had a little bit of rain throughout the day, but it kept things nice and cool and didn’t get too intense.


Elephants are always one of my favourite animals to check out at the zoo. The Elephant on the left in this photo is quite famous, and starred as “Shep” in the “George of the Jungle” movie.







My cousin Jake and I, with our gorgeous girls.


The girls loved the otters, and would squeal with delight when they swam close. Mayana tried to pull her shirt off and asked me if she could swim with the otters! IMGP8176Not sure how hygienic this is, but Mayana was insistent on giving the “ka-roo” a cuddle. IMGP8205 IMGP8233

Mayana was totally zonked by the end of the day, and fell asleep safe in the arms of my lovely cousin Cameron.

Underwater World

Underwater World is a great place to spend a rainy day. It’s not particularly expensive, and almost all undercover. Mayana loves fish, so we knew it would be a huge hit with her.



One of the fun things at Underwater World is the ‘touchy-feely tank’. The kids are allowed to handle some of the sea creatures, like Sea Stars (apparently they’re not called starfish anymore!) and Sea Cucumbers. I did have to remind Mayana to be very gentle, but she was very excited to be holding this lovely, bright blue sea star. IMGP8255 IMGP8259 IMGP8264

I was grateful for the thick glass sheeting between Mayana and this creature! IMGP8305

We had a lovely few weeks playing the tourist. I would recommend both of these places for a visit, though be forewarned, Australia Zoo is not the most affordable place for a family to visit.

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