Sunday, 14 September 2008

Op-shopping and baby bits.

Yesterday, Pete and I spent the morning at the shops, paying off some of bubby's layby and looking around before going on a picnic to one of my favourite places, Ravensbourne National Park. On the way out though, I convinced Pete to stop at this mega-sized lifeline op-shop that I've been meaning to visit for about 18 months. It took a little bit of convincing, as my husband didn't have a childhood like mine, spent sifting through junk at op-shops finding those little gems that you would never find elsewhere. I patiently reminded him about all the items in our home which I collected years before I even knew him, that he just takes for granted.

Once in there, he was more excited than me! He headed straight to a rack of men's boardshorts. He had been whinging yesterday morning that his were all old and dying, and had looked at some in the shops earlier that were $30+ each! Well, after a bit of digging, he found three pairs of boardies in really good condition for a total of $10!!!!

I, in the meantime, poked around for a maternity section, but to no avail. I was hoping to find some kind of swimwear that will fit over my bump for our Hervey Bay getaway later this week. No such luck. I did, however, find a pair of genuine red Doc Martin's for $30 in my size!!!!! I tried them on, and Pete didn't approve. My dreams were shattered, I've always wanted a pair, but according to Pete, they really didn't look good. What would he know. Probably don't have $30 in my bank account anyway...

I won however, when I found a gorgeous pair of brown leather shoes that look as though they have never been worn! Seriously, the soles look completely brand new - not scuffed at all. And all for $4.00! Score! I then stumbled over a nice summery white top that I can get away with as a matternity top - $3.00! I also found a reallllllly cute pair of lime-green overalls in size 0000 that our baby will love. Target brand, $2.50. They also look brand new. So all in all, despite the broken heart over the Docs, I did okay.

Here are some pics of our purchases....

My beautiful new shoes... now I just need an outfit to wear them with .. lol.
Cute baby overalls!!
My bargain maternity top...

Oh.. and had to show off these. Our lovely friends Daniel & Katherine who have been living in Scotland for the past 10 months or so came home for a flying visit and we were able to catch up with them last weekend. (They've gone back now, and won't be home until possibly mid-2010!!! So glad we were able to catch up). Anyway, they brought back these cute little gifts for our bubby. A 'Scotland' bib, complete with tartan trim, scotch thistle & scottish terrier & Loch Ness Monster Slippers!!!!! Too cute, lol.

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