Monday, 29 September 2008

Belly update...

24 weeks, 4 days.

I have popped out so much in the last week, I can notice a big change both in how I feel and how I look. Bubby is also seeming to do much bigger and harder movements, and seems to be much higher than before. My tummy is getting in the way more too, if I drop something on the floor in the car it has to stay there because I can't reach past my tummy! It's also a hassle when I'm washing up - I can't get close enough to the sink. Bugger huh, looks like Pete's going to have to do it all! lol. And I noticed that it's beginning to rub on the steering wheel already when I drive!

People are beginning to ask me if I'm due soon!!! Mum says it's because I'm so short bub's has got as high as it can so now I'm heading out.

I love my bump...

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  1. I love your bump too!! It's a delightful bump. Hope the next few weeks at uni/prac are free from hassles for you both.
    Love MumAnn


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