Tuesday, 30 September 2008

24 week appointment

We had our appointment with my GP today.
She is so excited about our baby and it's always really lovely to go and visit her.
She tested my blood pressure : 123/82 - A little high but quite good for me. She explained the results of the blood tests I had at the hospital - they all are good, my kidneys are working perfectly, my sugars were perfect - only one thing was a little wacky, something to do with proteins *I think* but she decided to re-do the test for that one because it didn't make sense for that to be low when other things related to it were so good.

Then I was up on the bed for an examination of the baby. I pulled up my shirt and my doctor said, "Look at that beautiful uterus!!! Ooooh I get so excited after half way!!!!" Then she pulled out the doppler to have a listen to our little darling. We could hear lots of strange noises, with baby's heartbeat in the background - she laughed and told us that bubby was so busy in there and the doppler was picking up all the movement and it was louder than the heartbeat! It was all good though. I think it was around 145bpm.
Then she had a feel of my tummy and told us that bub is lying head down already! The bum is up near the top of my tummy (so Mum and Alexie, that is the bump we could feel the other day!). When she felt low in my tummy she could feel bubby's head and move it about. She got Pete to come over and feel it, and I loved looking at his face while he was feeling our baby. I'm not sure how much bubby liked it though cos when I got off the bed it went nutso for a while!

It was so exciting, I love knowing that everything is going well with our little honey!

I got sent for blood and pee tests again after that - urine to make sure that my bladder infection is totally gone and blood for making sure about that protein thing, plus double checking a hep B vaccine that seems to be missing from my last test, and I think as a precursor to the glucose test I have to take in a couple of weeks.

Oooh I'm so excited after this appointment - everything is going so well and Pete and I are SO happy!

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  1. What a lovely report on your appointment. I love reading all your details. Sounds like bubby is a bit of a live-wire, like Pappa in the womb.
    Love the next entry too, with room revamp and cot in place. Very exciting for you.
    xxx MumAnn


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