Monday, 29 September 2008

Our Holiday

We had a lovely couple of days at Hervey Bay. It has changed sooooo much since I was last there, but it was still a nice place to visit. I'm so amazed at how every beach town you go to has its own personality.

We had a really relaxing time - didn't do a whole lot. We walked up and down the 1km Jetty and watched the Tuna and Some other Big Fish that I have no idea what it's called chasing around the schools of little fish. There were LOTS of people fishing off the jetty and a few had caught some really big fishies. I liked watching people catch the little ones for bait - that's my kinda fishing, they were pretty much guaranteed at least one on their line every time they dropped it in! So what if you can't eat 'em. I decided that fishing would only be good for me if I had a spot on the jetty with a rod holder, and a folding chair and a good book. That way I woudn't have to pay attention until my line started jumping around ;)

We had a swim, and Pete flew his new kite, and we did lots of reading and lazing around. It was a nice relaxing time. And beautiful weather.

We stayed in a caravan park in an onsite cabin for only $65 a night! What a bargain. It could sleep up to 6, and had a kitchenette and a bathroom - everything you could need. I think we'll be back, maybe for a bit longer next time.

We've been in Noosa for about the last week, hanging out with the family and catching up with friends. We even got to have a visit with my Tante Christina (Papa's sister) and cousin Gab, who were over for a midwifery conference from Perth. We're back to Toowoomba today - not looking forward to the 3 hour non-air-conditioned car ride. Uni starts tomorrow - so much to do! But only 5 weeks until we're on holidays again so hopefully that goes as quickly as the last 5 weeks has!

Here are some holiday snaps:
Veiw from the JettyPete walking up the Jetty
The little fishies!!!

Bub and I on bubby's first holiday!!! lol. Holy dooly I'm so much bigger than that already - can't believe that was only taken just over a week ago!

We're standing on the big 1km jetty.
Pondering Pete Our cute little cabin

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  1. I would love to know where you stayed Zoey! Luke and I are planning a holiday soon for our 1 year anniversary. :-)


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