Friday, 29 February 2008

Home again home again. (photos)

Pete and I came back to Toowoomba yesterday after almost 4 months in Noosa! Crazy. So as soon as we got home we decided to do some spring cleaning - before we even unpacked the car. We did a big cleanup/change-around of our bedroom and then unpacked from there. I'm pleased to say that most of our house is looking fairly respectable right now. The bedroom and living areas are especially pretty. I LOVE how we have our new bedroom now. And our new quilt is so lovely. So anyway... here is a picture of our pretty new room:
I also came home with a whole lot of happy snaps from our time away and filled in my photo wall considerably. It looks so good that I want to share a photo of that too...
And one last snap - because I promised my mum! I went to my favourite hairdresser, Mel, from Salon Unique in Cooroy, before we left the coast. Here is my new 'do. She didn't take too much length off - just the unhealthy bits. She fixed up my fringe and put some gorgeous layers in. My hair looks healthy again, and has a bit of body. (Ooh.. and take note of my cool new necklace.. made of buttons!! It's so cute!)
Here it is:

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  1. Hey Zoz! Cool pasta!! What a clever daughter I have!!! Looked delicous. Can't wait for you to make me and Papa some. Had a very refreshing morning at church today. Caught up with alot of people from Manna days! All asked after you and had trouble believing that their little Zoey was a young married woman! Papa and Jordan have gone back to the night service. They are having free pizza. Wonder if the food was the draw card? Papa's cartlidge is warn out and he has to have key hole surgery. He will have it at Noosa hospital but the waiting list is 6-7months! That's olay, God will get him throught it all. Lockie's dad is making Lockie do a driving test with Anne!!!!! This is to prove that he isn't a danger on the road. If she doesn't think he is good enough, he won't get his car!!!! Can you believe it. I felt like weeping when he told me. That is not what father's do!!! Did you have a good day at church? I love you heaps. Mama xxxxxooooo


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