Saturday, 2 February 2008

End of an era (so to speak)

For the last 6 weeks or so, my sisters, mum (and eventually brother) and I have been completely engrossed in watching Gilmore Girls - seasons 1-7 on DVD.

We never actually watched Gilmore Girls when it was on TV, but one of my sister's friends accidentally left her copy of season 5 behind a few months ago, and we watched and became hooked immediately! I subsequently visited e-bay and purchased seasons 1-6 (one of my biggest ever impulse purchases ever). We began watching the day they arrived.

What an absolutely brilliant show! We enjoy it so much because their fast-paced, quick-witted diologue is soooo similar to the conversation that occurs in my family. My brother was hard to convince to begin with, but eventually he couldn't help himself. He began to imitate Michel and Kirk all the time, and then one day, when he had to go out to meet some friends, he warned us: " Don't you dare watch any Gilmore Girls without me!!!"

We eventually finished season 6, and had a moment of panic before we found out that one of our friends got season 7 for christmas. w00t!! So we quickly obtained a loan, and so we began again. A very sad moment for us 3 nights ago, when we watched the final episode of the final season of Gilmore Girls EVER!

We liked the ending, apart from the weird anti-climax of the whole Rory-Logan relationship (why didn't she say YES!!???), Although we wished so much that Luke and Lorelai had got married! The saddest thing ever is that they are making no more seasons of this wonderful show (bad english in that sentence I think??). :( :( It was a sad, sad moment.

We will miss you Gilmore Girls! It will become my comfort DVD now, I'll bet. When I'm feeling sad, I'll pick a favourite episode and it will make me smile. Maybe the one where Kirk forgets to collect the left-over easter eggs from the square, thinking they'll decompose. Or when Luke & Lorelai reconcile after their time apart. Or when Rory & Paris graduate from Chilton. Aaah the memories.

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