Monday, 11 February 2008

Creative Inspiration

After about 4 weeks or so of scowling at my beading bags and thinking that I really should get around to making that piece of jewellery that my mother-in-law requested, I finally felt some motivation to create today.
Plus I wanted to try out the cute new beading table that I bought myself on the weekend.
So I got out my table, and I got out my bags, pulled out some pretty beads and got going. I was actually only planning on making the one necklace, but before I knew it, there were four. It feels good to have made something again. I was worried that I'd lost interest - it's probably the longest I've gone without openning up my bags in about a year! I guess after the big christmas rush orders, I was sick of making things because I *had* to, so today I enjoyed making things because I *wanted* to.

So here are my new friends. The aqua and black one I made for myself, I'm loving these sweet aqua beads with the black squiggles. They are SO gorgeous.
The gold and amber one is for my Nanna, using some beads that she especially chose for me to use for something special for her. The chunky green, purple and brown one is for my Aunty Nelle, also using beads that she chose. And the pink, black and white one is the order for my mother in law. All modelled by my gorgeous sister Alexie with the enviable milky white skin.

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