Monday, 18 June 2012

Show Season

You might remember last year that we took Mayana to our local show. This year, show weekend was cold, and rainy, and not conductive to a fun day out with a newborn and a three year old. We had totally planned to go though, and Mayana knew it. So we came up with a compromise; we would take her ‘home’ to the Sunshine Coast show instead!

Peter and I used to go nearly every year while we were going out, and would usually take my little brother and sister with us. I remember one year we just had my brother (6 years younger than me) and as we walked down sideshow alley all the vendors were yelling to us, “Come on Mum & Dad, give your boy a go!!” and how hilarious we all thought it was!

In any case, we have happy memories of the show, and knew Mayana would love it too.

Mayana has vague memories of last year’s show, but her main frame of reference regarding a show is the fair on Charlotte’s Web. As such, the most important things to her were to go on the ‘Fairest Wheel’ (just like Fern), to see a pig (just like Wilbur), to play a fishing game, and to see ‘firepops’.

Well, we made most of her dreams come true.

My parents came along for the day out (after babysitting in the morning so that Pete and I could have a breakfast date!!) and a great time was had by all.

Unfortunately we all had forgotten our digital cameras, but once again, thank the Lord for our phones… we managed to capture a handful of happy memories.


This was the moment she had been waiting for…. a ride on the Fairest Wheel with Opa!


Mayana grinned for the entire ride. There was not one bit of nervousness about her… though I can’t say the same for me… she could totally fit through those bars at the back of her seat!!!


After the Ferris Wheel, we decided to have a go at the dodgem cars. Mayana was an old hand at this, having gone on them with Opa at Easterfest. This time, it was Opa & Mayana versus Mama & Papa. There were only four cars running on our ride, and it was so much fun. No getting stuck in corners, and you could really get a good run-up to bump people. Lots of fun. Although having just typed this I’ve just realised why the bone under my knee is so sore and bruised!


Of course, no trip to the show is complete without a go at the clowns! This year Mayana won herself a ‘Barbie’-type doll. When she took it out of its packet the next morning, its legs stayed in the bag… a bit dodgy, but she was impressed.


One of my favourite parts of the show is the woodchopping competitions. When Reuben f.i.n.a.l.l.y woke up for a feed (so not complaining), we settled ourselves down at that venue for a while and watched a few rounds.


Reuben was so well behaved. He’s not a little squishy newborn anymore is he? He’s super alert and taking everything in. I love his guts!

Eventually we got around to the animals. We did see a pig, but his name was not Wilbur (a fact that made Mayana cry when she was tired and we were leaving and she remembered it). We did have a look up at the roof over his pen to see if there was a Charlotte, but no such luck.

She did however get to cuddle a very large cow, who looked as though she may have been pregnant.


And watched another old girl getting milked… man I know how she feels!!


The show also is home to a Rodeo, so of course we had to go and watch that for a while! One bull had us all in stitches, he just didn’t want to go back out of the arena. They sent out a couple of his mates to try and entice them but he led them astray and they ended up having 3 defiant beasts standing out there! It was quite hilarious watching them trying to bring them in. (Oh, and while we were there, my dad had Reuben on his lap, when he suddenly says, “Oops, I think he’s just filled his pants!….. no wait, it’s just my phone vibrating” cue bursts of laughter from all of us as well as all of the strangers who were in hearing range. It was so funny!)


The evening entertainment was lots of fun, with mower races, monster trucks, a lumberjack show (which included one guy shuffling to Party Rock Anthem – Mayana’s favourite song – whilst standing atop a 60-foot tree!), and of course, the FIREPOPS!


We had such a lovely day, and my two kids were superstars for coping so well with such a big one. I’m a sucker for a good show.. I hope we can make it again next year!

{playing along with Lou for Point + Shoot!}

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  1. Looks like a great day out, and my little girl would have loved the broken doll too!


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