Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fairy Garden

In an effort to counteract some of the not-so-fun times Maysi Bird and I have been having lately, I am trying to invest some real quality time in her. Thing that are just about her and me, and things that she loves. I think some of her recent behaviour stems from her trying to adjust to her new role as big sister, and her now having to share Papa and I. So I’m looking for ways that we can make special memories and have some time out together.

Today, we made a fairy garden.

Yesterday, we ventured out in the rain and gathered our goods. Mayana chose plants and fairy stones from Bunnings, and we went to a little local garden-pot store who I knew sold little fairies. We found two fairies and a little glass clown, and some other little goodies that looked like they belonged in Fairyland. I think about spent about $20.00 all up, and we used a pot that we already had at home.

This afternoon, after her rest (during which no powder was distributed this time…) we went out to the veranda armed with garden gloves and spades and set to work.


Our fairies have a little bush of delicious smelling marjoram in one corner, a special fairy tree in the other, and six little fairy flower plants. I really hope they don’t all die! I gave Mayana the choice on plants, within a range of fairly low-maintenance varieties. They have a fairy footpath, lined with fairy stones and paved with silver glitter, and a special glass garden bed to sit in.


A fairy garden can never have too much glitter!


Mayana’s brilliant imagination kicked in straight away. I hope this can be a positive outlet for my over-imaginative little girl!



Our fairies also have some secret hidden treasure.


And I have one very happy little girl. I’m looking forward to adding bits and pieces to our little Fairyland, and watching our garden grow (fingers crossed!!).


And Reuben…? Well he was happy to be outside of the house, hanging out on the veranda in his cool highchair watching all the goings-on.

I love my kids.

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