Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Footprints in the… powder


That my friends, is Mayana’s footprint. In powder. Powder that she sprinkled ALL OVER her room and mine. While I was preparing to have about 20 people over for Pete’s birthday dinner on Monday. Apparently she was making a beach. Of course she was.

This week she has also painted the front door and parts of the veranda with PVA glue, taken water into her playroom (which is strictly verboten) and wet a lot of toys and carpet. She has, in short, driven me to the brink of distraction.

I think Mayana and I are very similar in personality, sprinkled with a good dose of strong and stubborn Dutch genes. We are getting used to being together all of the time, and she is working out how to push my buttons. We’re muddling through, and I’m learning to be patient and to pick my battles. But boy some days are tough!

Hopefully when the sun comes out again, and we can be outside of the house, we’ll both be a lot happier. I love that kid, and her over-active imagination… but we need to train it to work for good!!

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