Monday, 18 June 2012

My Girl

When I was pregnant with Reuben, my mum told me that when he was born, I wouldn’t believe how BIG Mayana would suddenly get. I can’t believe how true that was. When she walked in to meet her baby brother, I remember thinking, “Whoah!! Who are you and what have you done with my baby girl?!”

I don’t know if it’s being a big sister, or if she’s just growing up, but Mayana has really done a lot of growing up lately. She’s such fun to be around,  is caring and helpful, and makes me laugh out loud at last once a day. Sure, we have had our off days, and Mayana has her moments of defiance and independence, but for the most part, I love hanging out with that kid.

Here’s some of what she’s been up to lately…


We’ve been doing a lot of hanging out with Mayana’s best friend Hannah. These two girls are about 4 months apart, and completely adore each other. I hope it’s a friendship that lasts a long time.



Mayana has been watching ‘Once Upon A Time’ (the Mama-censored version) with us, and has fallen in love with Snow White. at least 80% of the time she insists that we call her Snow White, and almost always refers to her Papa as Prince Charming. Part of this new obsession is wanting to have hair like Snow White. I’m not completely sure what that means, but we do our best. So far we’ve tried plaits..


And we’ve tried rags…

She was a huge fan of these, and we had to do it two days in a row! The second day she had her curls for Kindy, and her teachers and friends were most impressed.


IMG_1097 IMG_1098
IMG_1105 IMG_1106

She’s so beautiful, it literally makes my heart hurt to look at her. I love her so much!!


We’ve discovered that our local library has fantastic Storytime program, which includes a story reading, songs and educational activities, followed by a craft activity. And it’s all FREE! It’s really great, and we’re planning to make it a regular part of our week. This is that super cool hat that Mayana made a few weeks ago.


As I’ve said before, Mayana absolutely adores her brother, and wants cuddles any chance she can get. She’s always coming up to him and saying, “Hey bubby, have you got a smile for Maysi??” And he almost always does. One day I was struggling to get out of the house on time, with a boy who wanted to be cuddled and a million and one things to do. I laid Mayana down on the couch, with Reuben on her tummy, and he stopped crying straight away. She laid there and patted his back and told him she loved him.. and within minutes he fell asleep! Mayana was in heaven, Reuben was asleep… and I could you know, brush my hair and stuff! Bliss. Since then it’s become a bit of a thing. Mayana lies on the couch and calls out, “Mama, it’s time for me to cuddle Reuben so you can get ready!”

She’s seriously the best big sister ever.


She’s also a proud Mama… to her baby doll Georgie. Lately she has had to come everywhere we go, and we have to stop so that Mayana can 'breastfeed’ her, burp her (always with a pukey cloth of course) and change her nappy. And we can’t go anywhere in the car until Georgie is strapped in!


One of the cheekier things Mayana has done lately is get into my makeup…

She came out with even more stunning eyelashes than usual, and some beautifully applied lipstick. I chose not to get cranky at her, because I can understand why she would want to be like Mama and try some makeup, and she didn’t make a mess of anything. Instead I told her that she needed to talk to Mummy before touching makeup, and we could maybe have a look together next time. Just quietly, I was actually pretty impressed with her mascara applying skills! And seriously, is anyone not jealous of those eyelashes!?


I’m working on a post of all the hilarious things Mayana has been saying lately. The problem is, every day she adds to it so it’s never quite ready!

Stay tuned… I’m going to try and get it up this week… I hope you’re ready for a giggle!



  1. She's so beautiful. This sounds like such an adorable age!

  2. Zoey you are an inspiring mum. i love your blog and seeing how you are content amidst a bit of chaos. You are a great example of truly indulging in the blessing of children. xx


Thank you!!


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