Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Reuben // Two Months

My Darling Boy,

Two months! These days, these weeks.. they fly by. And you are growing, developing, showing us more of who you are.


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We get lots of smiles now. You love your big sister, and she can always make you smile, except for when she touches your head with her freezing cold fingers in the mornings… that doesn’t make you so happy!


You always smile when I sing, “You are my Sunshine” to you. I love that precious little smile Reuben. You are trying so hard to get out a laugh, but I don’t think you’ve quite figured out how to make your voice work when you want it to. When you do manage to make a noise or a coo, you get such a surprised look on your face, and your mouth works hard trying to make it happen again.

You are still feeding well, gaining weight. I took you to your six week checkup, we tried a new GP, and she straight away started to badger me about your weight. When we went back to our lovely child health nurse she scoffed… you have been perfectly following the graph line on which you were born, and no one can expect any more than that. We took you to a community health clinic for a follow up check-up, and she agreed. You are meeting all of your current milestones, and then some. The nurse also commented on your beautifully perfect head. It’s true, your head is especially round and gorgeous… just like the rest of you is gorgeous.


You’ve had your first needles. You looked at me and asked, “What is happening to me!!!” and screamed your poor little heart out. But it was over quickly. When they fed you the Rotor Virus medicine, you scoffed it. The nurse commented that she had never before seen a baby who hadn’t spilled a drop! You coped well, one dose of panadol and plenty of sleep and you were right as rain!

I’m loving this time, where you are more awake, interacting more with us and showing us more of your personality. I still think you are fairly cruisy like your Papa, but you also like to let us know how you feel about things, so maybe there’s a bit of your Mama’s Dutch genes coming through yet.

You have found your hands, and they spend a lot of time in your mouth. It cracks me up, when you find a finger or thumb and suck for all you’re worth until it ends up popping out. Inevitably you then snap your fist shut, and when you move your hand back to your mouth you’re so shocked and confused as to where that handy little finger or thumb has gone to!


You are also playing with the toys on your baby gym now. You like to hit them and watch them sway, and you use both your hands and feet to make this happen.


You still sleep well. We are managing a least one good sleep every day, and a couple of shorter naps. The cold weather makes you more sleepy than usual. If only your sister felt the same way, maybe Mama could have a nap too! At night you go to bed anytime between 6pm and 8pm… depending on how your day has been and what we have been doing. You wake for a feed around 4am usually, though we have had a few days where you’ve gone through to 6.30am! After that feed you usually go back to sleep for another couple of hours. Your routine is not as structured as what Mayana’s was at this age, but people tell me that’s often the way with the second baby. Whatever we are doing it is working for you, and you seem to be happy and content so it works for me too.


Mr Reuben, your Papa and I love you so much. We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents.

Love Mama

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