Friday, 1 June 2012

6 Weeks!

Week 6

Wow! We’re on the cusp of that bittersweet time where your baby stops being a newborn. Happy because your baby starts to come more alive with personality… smiling at you and playing… and life is no longer a blur of feeding and sleeping and crying.. but sad because there’s just nothing like those newborn squishy cuddles and milk drunk looks.

Nevertheless, my baby is growing, and the time is flying by very quickly. It’s true that it does go so much faster with the second! This week Reuben has been perfecting that gorgeous smile, and responding to Peter, Mayana and I with it a lot. We all absolutely love it.

I asked Mayana this week what her favourite thing about being a big sister is, and she replied, “Cuddling Reuben!” And it’s true, she does like to cuddle him any chance he gets. We all do.

At his weigh in this week Reuben has cracked the 4kg mark (well, in a clothed weigh-in so bare-weight he’s probably just under). He is steadily gaining weight and we are enjoying the fact that we don’t have to worry about whether he is growing ‘fast enough’!

So aside from all the puke (and believe me, there is still a whole lot of that!) and a few grizzly days, I have enjoyed my boy this week, and am absolutely loving those cheeky little grins.

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