Monday, 20 June 2011

{quality time}


Sometimes being a working mother is really hard. I get so jealous of my husband being able to spend all of his time with our girl. She is at the most wonderful age, where she is so inquisitive and clever and discovering new things all of the time. I’m totally blown away watching her learn and she amazes me every day. She’s talking oodles now, and I love our time in the afternoon when she tells me about her day, and we go outside and chase the chooks together or play games or rice or whatever else she wants to do.

But boy, do I miss her. I’m so glad it’s holidays soon, because my heart has just about had enough of being away from her so much.

I’m trying to make sure that our time together… after school and on weekends… really counts. I make a point of trying to make memories with her, and of her because this is all just going way too fast. The biggest part of who I am is a Mama, and I’m struggling so much with the fact that that part of me is being so neglected. Thank the lord I’m a teacher and I get to have a couple of weeks of full time doses of Mayana every couple of months, or I think I’d drown.

Life is good, my work is good… but sometimes, my heart aches just a little too much.

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