Monday, 20 June 2011

Impromptu Crafting

We had the most lovely afternoon of impromptu crafting last week.


Mayana brought her basket downstairs and we filled it with flowers and leaves and other pretties from the garden.


We took our goodies upstairs and organised all of our pieces.


Next, we rolled out some contact, sticky side out. Then we went to work sticking down our pretty flowers and leaves.


Mayana had such a good time. She kept exclaiming, “We making stuff together! We all playing together!” Something about the three of us all sitting down together working on a project really made her happy.


Then we carefully picked up our artwork, and stuck it onto our front window.


It looks so beautiful with the sun shining through the colourful leaves and flowers.


It looks so beautiful, and I wonder how long it will be before the colours start to fade. I don’t really mind though, because then we can just do it all again!

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  1. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I want to do it too!!! xx


Thank you!!


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