Monday, 20 June 2011


Firstly, apologies for being so absent. Work has been hectic, crazy, busy, insane and exhausting. And blogging has been one of the first things to be neglected. It was that or Mayana, and I’m not really wanting to be in the running for worst parent of the year award…

Last weekend, it was the drizzling and cold and miserable… weather-wise at least. In my house it was fun and loud and laughing and music and friends. We had visitors! So many that they had to be spread out across my house and my sister’s house – for sleeping purposes anyway.

It was so much fun.


We had coffee at a new coffee shop.



We talked and enjoyed each other’s company.


Mayana sipped her *FREE* babycino. Not many places do them for free anymore!


Took ridiculous photos as only our family can.


And the boys attempted planking.

We walked the streets and poked around the very cool 2nd hand shops here, we ate lots of awesome food, including a lasagne that my dad and my husband made completely from scratch that stood about 25cm high. Man it was good. We walked the 1km pier at our nearby beach town.

Oh. And we applied for a loan for a new car. Must remember to write more about that later.

We did so many other fun things, but I was so caught up in the fun that I didn’t manage to take too many photos.

I love long weekends. And I love having visitors to spend them with.

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