Thursday, 28 October 2010

Back in Business

Now that uni days are behind me (have I mentioned that yet??), I can now do as much guilt-free sewing as I want!!!

And that means, that my little business is back up and running! I'm very excited about it, and I'm really hoping that LOTS of Christmas orders will keep me nice and busy over the next few months while I wait to see what happens in regards to teaching next year (Oh my goodness I'm a teacher now!!!)

I visited my favourite store yesterday, and stocked up on some lovely new materials especially for notebook'n'pencil sets and nappy wallets.

Then, last night, inspired by my owl-obsessed daughter, I created these:

Named after my girl, of course! I've never done much in the way of appliqué before, so I'm super happy with myself for how well they turned out. How cute! I'm selling them for $10.00 through my facebook page, and you can even choose your colours!

Bring on the Christmas orders!!!

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