Monday, 18 October 2010

She’s cutest when…

* She steals my hairbands and puts them on her wrists and comes out so proudly to show me her pretties.

* She believes us when we tell her that dried fruit is lollies, and begs and begs for more!

* She does all the actions when she watches Wiggles, and answers them when they ask questions.

* She tells us that her Loch-Ness Monster slippers that Uncle Daniel & Aunty Katherine sent her are Dorothy the Dinosaur.

* She takes my phone when I’m talking to my mum, says “Hello”, then sits silently, nodding oh-so-seriously while Kami chats away to her.

* She says the words, “I love you!”

* She counts: two, four, six, eight (what can I say, she really is advanced!).

* She collects the chicken’s eggs and says, “Thank you Girls”.

* She’s Pop’s little shadow and follows him everywhere saying, “Help, Pop! Help!” (though I sometimes wonder whether Pop sees it more of a help or a hindrance).

* She insists on having a “Shar” (shower) all by herself.

* She repeats the names of everyone in our families when we say prayers at night, and jumps ahead because she knows that Lock-Lock and Lala come after Boo, and Shane comes after Ali.

* She drags me to every blind in the house in the mornings, so that she can help me to open them whilst proclaiming, “Hello Day!”

* She tells us the colour of every car that goes past, and gets it right about 70% of the time.

Aaah who am I kidding. She’s cutest ALL the time!


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  1. I totally concur!! Love Mama/Kami xxoo


Thank you!!


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