Monday, 25 October 2010

Just another manic Monday

We’re ‘home’ again… at least at the house which we will call home for only 17 more sleeps! Isn’t there just something awesome to be in your own bed?

We’ve hit the ground running and pretty much haven’t stopped since we got back. Yesterday we had to restock our cupboards and fridge – it was a total do or die situation.

We had a one-year-old birthday party, dinner with friends, and in between all that finished of a nearly 2000 word assignment! For the first time I think since our first year of uni, we pulled an ‘all nighter’ (or as close to one as we will let ourselves get, anyway), and it was nearly 1am before our heads were on our pillows. *Yawn*

Now we have only one more to go, which is exciting, but still hasn’t quite sunk in as yet. This is a big one – THE big one: 4000 words. I wasn’t feeling all too confident about it all, but somehow managed to spit out nearly 2000 words today, which was such a big relief. I have high hopes of finishing it tomorrow, when we spend the day at the uni library.

I work so much better at the uni library, and I think that’s one place on campus that I’ll miss. It’s quiet there, but there’s a buzz too. It makes me want to work, and helps me to be very productive.

So if I can pull out 2000 words with a very distracting Mayana-Berry running around me all day, imagine what I can do at the uni library.

Speaking of the Mayana Berry, she has been SUCH a good girl today. She’s been missing Nana and Pop, and asks for them every couple of hours, but seems to have resigned herself to the fact that they’re no longer at her beck and call. Today we opened up the doors and let her have free reign of the back yard.


It was a lovely warm day, so Peter put some water in her little ‘pool’, and we gave her some cups and buckets and other outside toys, and she had an absolute ball playing and splashing and searching for ‘nails’ (aka snails).

IMGP6063Mayana with her ‘nail’ shell… (she won’t touch the ones that still have creatures in them though!)

Remarkably, she didn’t end up IN the pool, which was quite a surprise to me, as I was convinced that’s exactly what would happen. Mind you, that doesn’t mean she didn’t get wet! The awesome part was that she really did entertain herself for the majority of the day. The kid loves to be outside, and it was quite a tragic moment for her when we told her it was getting too cold and it was time to come in.

On the happy side, she has well and truly worn herself out, and was well and truly ready for bed tonight. Fingers crossed she lets us sleep till a reasonable hour in the morning!

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