Thursday, 28 October 2010

Why you ask? Because, um, we have just finished our UNIVERSITY DEGREE!!!!!


This week, I have written a 2000 word assignment AND a 4000 words assignment, and from and forever more (unless in the future some form of insanity convinces me to study again) I will never have to write an assignment again.

Yesterday we celebrated with our cohort, and both sets of our parents (which was so lovely of them to come all the way!)  at a lovely ceremony put on by the uni (not our official one with the awesome hats and gowns - that’s on April 30th, 2011, at 2pm if anyone’s interested), and on Friday night we will celebrate again at a grad dinner we’ve organised. Maybe by then it will actually feel real!

At the moment, Peter is finishing off his 4000 words assignment (don’t worry, I’ve been rubbing the fact that I’m finished and he’s not in every chance I get – lovely wife that I am), but it won't be truly over until he joins me in this floaty state of finished blissfulness.

But this journey is very nearly over. Five years of hard work, persistence and dedication has finally paid off, and it feels so good. I’m so proud that I get to graduate with my gorgeous husband, and I’m so proud of HIM that I don’t even have the words. For someone who never thought he’d be able to even get into uni, he’s done a pretty awesome job!!!

Bring on the next chapter!!


Look out world, USQ graduate teachers of 2010, coming to a school near you!!!

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  1. congratulations! You have done so well, achieved your dreams- what an inspiration! You deserve this time of happiness and relaxation and relief.....congratulations again!


Thank you!!


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