Monday, 4 January 2010

Fremantle, Carols & Parties

Looking at all our photos, I cannot believe the amount of stuff we jammed in to each and every day of our time away. Seriously, it was the best holiday EVER. Please bear with me while I trawl through all the photos and slowly catch up on my blogging!!!

S7305178 Mayana playing with a bunny at the caravan park before we left for the day

On the 18th we headed back to Fremantle for a jam-packed day of touristy experiences. We first headed to the maritime museum, where all the family except for me went on a tour of a submarine. I couldn’t go, because Mayana couldn’t go, and I did the tour last time I was back in WA in 2003, so it was all good. Mayana and I strolled through the Maritime Museum, read books, chatted and played.

DSCF4866 Cameron in the Submarine

Next we strolled around the town of Fremantle for the day… markets, shops, food… and my sisters and I got matching tattoos. Well, henna tattoos. Which we loved.

S7305478In the evening, we hit Fremantle’s lovely Irish pub for dinner. Great fun and food was had by all.

S7305248 Beth and I at the pub

And then… the creepy night-time Fremantle Gaol Tour. It sounds macabre, and it kind of is. It’s a pretty incredible piece of history, and if ghosts were to exist anywhere, it would definitely be there.

DSCF4957According to our guide, Mayana was the youngest child to have done the tour (with him at least I guess), and he was so impressed with how she coped. She slept for the majority of it, and pretended to be interested in the parts she was awake for.
S7305251  I can tell you now that we went home 100% exhausted and ready for bed after our awesome Fremantle day!

SATURDAY the 19th

Christmas shopping. We hit one of the biggest Perth shopping centres, Garden City, and shopped ‘till we dropped! We got the majority of our Christmas shopping done, and finally started to actually feel like Christmas was on its way.

In the evening we went to sing at a Carols by Candlelight with another family of Buma’s (My dad’s brother’s family). It was so awesome to be up there with them singing together and having a great time!

DSCF4981 This was also the day my Oma had her surgery. And ended up being a pretty emotional time, and a very long day. I promise I will post more about that later, it’s such a long and incredible story, and it deserves a special post.


The Mayana-Berry had her first ever Creche experience. We went to church with my uncle and aunty, and their, children are allowed to go to creche when they can crawl (at ours they can only go when they can walk). She LOVED it, and I loved being able to sit and listen to a sermon for once, instead of racing around trying to distract and entertain a pre-toddler.

After church, we were off to my gorgeous cousin Holly’s 12th birthday party.


A lot of the family got together, and it was a special and fun time, with lots of laughs and lots of yummy food!! (what is it with Buma gatherings and food????) S7305348

My gorgeous sister Alexie and darling cousin Emily


Mayana with her doting Oom Sace & Tante Anthea 

My other cousin Joshua pulled out this awesome toy he had made for a school assessment for Mayana to play in. His teacher had apparently not thought too much of it, and didn’t seem to think that little kids would like playing in it…. well Mayana most certainly proved him wrong! She loved playing in Josh’s aeroplane, and in face cried when we got her out of it!!  S7305362

After Holly’s birthday party we went to the hospital to visit Oma in ICU. Wow. Again, more on that later.

Then.. we raced to the beach to try and catch sunset. Us Queenslanders were constantly trying to watch the sun set into the ocean, it was a bit of a novelty for us. We kind of missed the main part of it, but still had fun walking around on the beach, taking photos, and chilling out.

S7305366 Mayana and Opa


S7305375Mayana’s face says it all….. MORE SHOPPING!!!! We trained into the city, and spent allllll day there. It was great fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Even Mayana. Promise!!!

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