Saturday, 9 January 2010

one of those daggy new year posts

… because every blog needs one!

I know we’re already a week in… but it’s been a busy week for me! This time last week I was still trying to get over my red-eye flight home from Perth, and since then I’ve been trying to un-pack, re-baby-proof my house (because man alive, a walking baby is so much harder work than a crawling baby), looking after a baby with gastro, and looking after a husband with gastro while I also had gastro. Yeah. Fun week.

On the upside, my mum and sister came up yesterday to help out with the gastro-house, and the three of us Friendlies are nearly feeling 100% better.

So back to my new year post.

I was looking at my blog archives, and I came across my daggy new year post from 2009… let’s reflect:

This year, I will:
* Become a mummy! And work very hard to be the best parent I can be. Done. Definitely became a mummy, and I think I’m a pretty darn good one!
* Make sure that I don't neglect my husband in this, and know that our baby will draw us even closer together. Done. Peter and I have been an awesome team as parents, and our marriage is still as awesome as ever – if not better!
* Attempt studying even with bub.Done! Full time study-load in semester one, and one course in semester two. And all with distinctions and high distinctions.
* Read the Bible in a year. Unfortunately not done. I petered out around Easter time. Ashamedly. One day I will do this.
* Get involved at church. I need to be on a music team again! Sort of half done. I went to a couple of nights with the music team, but haven’t gone on roster. I have however enjoyed my first year at our new church and we are involved in a small group which we very much enjoy.

I’ll give myself a 3.5/5. Not a bad effort I guess.

So… 2010… goals/resolutions/whatever you want to call them. The beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to put new plans into place. This is what 2010 will mean to me:

  • I will finish uni!!!!! Studying a full time course-load with 10 weeks worth of prac.
  • I will procure myself a job for 2011. Hopefully in a private school, not too far from my family.
  • I will become a Mama of a toddler. My baby turns one in 9 days!
  • I will make good and right decisions for Mayana. I will play with her, read to her, teach her, pray for her and love her.
  • I will keep in contact with my awesome WA family and continue to cultivate those relationships and bonds that developed during our holiday.
  • I will do my devotion/Bible study (Christmas gift from Pete) every day, and NOT fizzle out by March.
  • I will have more prayer times with my husband.
  • I will continue to make things and be creative.

And I think that’s about it for now. Achievable.. attainable… and I’m planning on sticking to it.


  1. What a good idea! Goals written down are so much more achievable then those left floating in our minds... I'm going to get a list for myself right now :) Thank you! and good luck with yours :)

  2. Good luck, Zoey. Do you know these blogs:
    Planning with Kids is exactly what it sounds like - ideas for how to effectively plan when you have kids. And the author is Australian.
    Cultivating Home is about the life of a mother of 5 in the US. She is a devout Christian and often reflects on her progress in her faith, and with teaching her kids about it - offering ideas for doing so.
    Just thought you might find them helpful in achieving some of your goals.


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