Sunday, 31 January 2010

votey mcvote

Help me out here guys. Most of you know I have two blogs. This one, and one that is totally devoted to my Mayana Berry.

Problem is, my world isn’t really split into two like that. Mayana is my world. And I keep wanting to do the posts over here that probably should be over there, and doubling up on photos here and there.

I initially wanted to keep them separate because I wanted to make sure that I was still ME on my blog. All the facets of me, and not just mummy me. But I think I have achieved that balance, and I could keep it up, even if there was a slightly bigger dose of Mayana over here.

But I can’t decide by myself. And my hubby is having one of those manly, “I don’t know what do you think.. it’s your blog… I don’t know baby” moments.

So over there -------->> at the top of that sidebar, is a handy little poll, so you can help me decide what to do!

Let me know what YOU think!!



  1. I think you should combine - as much as I love reading both, Mayana is such a BIG part of your life she should be on here more often :) Must be time consuming keeping up with 2 - I have trouble updating 1! :) You do a fantastic job either way! xx


Thank you!!


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