Tuesday, 19 January 2010

party on dudes

Well it’s official. As of 10:19am yesterday morning, I’ve been a Mama for one year. But more on that later. Right now I’m rewinding to Saturday. The day of the party of the year. Mayana’s very first birthday party ever.

We decided to have it in Noosa. It was easier than both of our families finding somewhere to stay in Toowoomba town – because there’s no way they’d all fit in our house! Plus it meant that Pete’s grandmas could come, and it was special to have them there. In a couple of weekends we might host a picnic in the park in honour of Mayana’s birthday with our Toowoomba friends.


We toddled down to a lovely big park and set up decorations and put out our abundance of food… yummy scrummy food… fruit platter, Dutch apple tart (made by me from my Oma’s traditional secret recipe), vanilla slice, cheese, crackers, chippies and so many other yummies. Everyone arrived, and we talked and laughed, Mayana was passed around – and kept running away to the playground and enticing various uncles, aunties and grandparents to push her in the swing.

IMG_2054 My mum made a really yummy ice-cream slice for Mayana’s birthday cake (from a recipe we learned from my cousin and aunty while in Perth. I’ll post the recipe later because it’s super dooper easy and incredibly delicious). I turned some of the slice in to a ‘1’ cake, and iced it all pretty.

DSCF5635Mayana enjoyed it VERY much…

IMG_2058 She was also incredibly blessed with a mountain of gifts. My mum’s goddaughter Kelsie very obligingly helped Mayana open them.

S7300998Mayana fell instantly in love with this gorgeous rag-doll given to her by a family friend. We’ve named her Lola and Mayana thinks she’s pretty awesome!

S7301012  We had a very lovely afternoon, and I like to think that we did a pretty good job at throwing Mayana’s first birthday party. We had a very contented, very sleepy, and very full little girl at the end of it all.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped make her day so memorable and special –


  1. Yay!! Happy Birthday Mayana! Hope you had a wonderful party! the cake looks awesome! did you save me a piece??

  2. Aww, it looks and sounds like the perfect birthday celebration. Congratulations!

  3. Looks like so much fun! yay for an awesome day, on an awesome birthdya, for an awesome girl!


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