Friday, 25 December 2009

Fremantle, Kings Park & other Perth stuff…

The Perth trip is definitely living up to the hype. Despite some crappy family dramas that are going on at the moment over here (to do with two family members being diagnosed with cancers, and both undergoing surgeries, one of which ended up being life-threatening --- but more on that later) we are having a great time over here.

Here are some memories and pics from our first few days here.

Our first day here, we meandered into the city, and over to the Swan River where we caught a cruise boat/ferry thingo over to Fremantle…


[Ye Olde London Court]

S7305056 S7305070

[Mayana loved being on the boat!]

In Fremantle we walked around and looked at all the things we wanted to do when we came back later in the week.  S7305085

[Alexie & I holding onto some random statue being blown away by the Fremantle Doctor] S7305091

[My gorgeous little family…] 


This wall lists the names of all the people who have immigrated to Australia via Fremantle. My Dad and his family did this in 1974, and our name is just to the left of Mayana’s head – between Boak & Butler. She is among the 3rd generation of Buma’s to be in Australia!


[The family: Papa (my Dad), Lachlan, Bethanie, Pete, Mama, Mayana, Me, Alexie & Jordan]


This is the coolest bookshop ever. Second hand. It has the most awesome stuff, and books from wall to wall. I found two Lucy Maude Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables) novels that I’ve been looking for; the Emily series. So cool.


We’re very immature, and this made us giggle, hence the photo.

The next day, we spent some time with cousins, visited Oma and checked out the gorgeous Kings Park.


[Mayana and Omie]   S7305144

My cousin Anne-Elise, sister Bethanie, Mayana & I doing the ‘treetop walk’ at Kings Park.


And the four of us again, standing infront of the big Boab tree.


Mayana and I taking in the gorgeous view from Kings Park.


Mayana LOVED playing on the grass at Kings Park. Isn’t this a gorgeous photo!!!


I have soooo many more photos and stories to come.. but right now, it’s Christmas day, and time for me to stop blogging. Hope you’re having a great Christmas!!!

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