Tuesday, 11 November 2008

30 week appointment - last week

I just realised I didn't update after my 30 week appointment last week.
I was lucky to get into my mum's doctor in Noosa, and only really did because I used to go there before I got married and moved away! He doesn't take new patients apparently. Anyway, when we got there, and I updated my details etc, the lady at the counter told me that it was going to cost $44.00. I was thinking, "Crap! I don't actually have that much money in my account!!!". I asked her if I could pay the gap instead, since I have a healthcare card, and she explained that they don't let out-of-towners pay the gap. So I told her that I'd be here for nearly 2 months, and would be having appointments every two weeks! She told me she'd ask the doc and see what he said. So when the doc came out, she went to talk to him, and he looked up and saw who I was and goes, "No worries, just bulk bill her, I know her mother" (!!!!). lol. See it's not what you know it's who you know. So I get free antenatal appointments while I'm here. Ka-chiiing-a!.

Anyway, the appointment itself went well... just the usual, blood pressure check (130/76 or something) tummy poke (bub is still head down), bubby heart beat check (130bpm - I think bub was sleeping, cos it wasn't moving, just for something different for a doc appt.) and pee in a cup (no protein, so all good!)

I will do another belly shot soon....

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