Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Goodbye Little Car...

Today Nanna and Pop took our little green Jiminy Cricket back to Dubs to sell it. Even though I'm totally happy and excited and loving our new car, it was still just a *leedle* sad to see it go.

This was my first car, I learned to drive in this car and it's pretty much the only car I've ever driven!!! We've had it for ages - it was Pete's before it was mine, and he bought it from his sister. I even had my first car accident in this car (oh the memories, lol). Oh and it's so easy to park, I've been spoiled and feel like I need to re-learn with my new longer-nosed car, lol.
It's been a good and faithful car, perfect for the two of us but just not big enough for when we're three.

We will miss you little car, hope it's a nice person who has you next!!!

*waves goodbye*

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  1. HAHAHA!

    Thats funny. I gave my first car to Drew and now I have it back :D yippee. I actually drove it yesterday and i wondered how i put up with it for so long. haha.

    I'm sure the car will have great new owners!


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