Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pretty Things to Print!

I felt the need to do something creative today, and when I stumbled across the fabulous website, inspiration struck.

This is the first time I’ve played around with this ‘subway art’, and I enjoyed it!

I made some printables with some scripture and quotes that have been speaking to me a lot lately, and I’ve decided to share them with you here… so if they speak to you too, print them out and hang ‘em on a wall somewhere!

If you click on the pictures, it will take you to where they are stored on my Google Drive, and you should be able to save them to your computer. Let me know if you have any problems with downloading them!

don't worry

This is a quote I came across in a Joseph Prince devotion I was reading recently. I tend to stress about things that I really have no power over. And I’m learning just what a waste of time and energy that really is… especially when I’ve got God on my side!

God will take care of everything

Are you sensing a theme here?

i know the plans

This is a mash-up of a couple of scriptures… Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:15 and John 16:33. They were all used in a sermon I heard a few weeks ago, and I love their encouragement!

Like I said, I’m only new at this, and I’m looking forward to practising a bit more and seeing what I can come up with!

If you want to see some other fabulous printables, check out A Step in the Journey, Arian Armstrong, and Everything Etsy’s list of 101 pretty printables!


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  1. Very nice.
    Do you read the blog Cultivating Home? Hannah speaks quite regularly about trusting God and how hard it is sometimes.


Thank you!!


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