Monday, 3 September 2012

Getting my {domestic} Goddess on…

So I’ve mentioned before that since I started this stay at home mum gig, I’ve been working really hard on my sweet domestic skillz.

I’ve been doing okay. I’m figuring out routines that work for us, trying my darnedest to keep on top of the dreaded and ever-growing Mount Washmore, and giving it my best shot to keep at least the living area of my home as tidy as I can. When I succeed I feel really, really good… and I want to do better.

So when my friend Amy posted on instagram about this fabulous challenge that has been put out there by the uber organised Kat of The Organised Houswife, my interest was piqued. And when I read a bit more and discovered that the challenge included beautiful printable, checklists, list-making, and a ring-binder folder… I was hooked!

Long story short, I’m officially on board for the ‘20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home’ challenge (see, it’s in the sidebar over there –>). Each week I’m going to give a wrap-up on my blog of the challenges, and how I’ve gone with them. I’m pretty excited, but it is only day one. If the feeling of pride I had when I completed the first task today is anything to go by… well, it’s gonna be a great four weeks (you only have challenges on week days, in case you’re wondering how twenty days turns into four weeks). Maybe by the end of it I’ll even achieve actual Domestic Goddess status.

Like I said, today was only day one, but last week was full of pre-challenge tasks, that mostly consisted of printing out the cute printable and popping them in my cute folder (have I ever mentioned how much I adore organisational stationery? I nearly die when I walk into Kikki-K).


First tasks were to buy the folder and the tabbed inserts (oh love) and to stock up your cleaning kit. I didn’t buy all of the things that were recommended, because I like to use mostly eucalyptus oil (I cannot get over how well it cleans the shower!) or vinegar and bicarb soda for a lot of my cleaning. I did pick up some of the cleaning wipes (surface wipes, bathroom wipes and glass wipes) from Aldi though. Super cheap, and they work so well. Anyway, I got my kit together and it’s sitting in its cute little caddy under the kitchen sink.

Next up was getting together some routines…


It’s really important to me that Pete is part of this. He’s very keen for us to be doing this challenge together, and we have always been equally involved in ‘keeping house’. I’ve actually tweaked both of these routines after sticking them for a couple of days and figuring out things that did and didn’t work. We’ve always had a ‘kinda routine’ for mornings and evenings, but having actually sat down and talked about how it would work has made a huge difference… especially in the amount of rushing we no longer do in the mornings. It’s lovely actually.

The last challenge of the week was to write down some goals that we want to get out of this challenge, following some prompts that Kat gave us.

Here’s mine:
1. I want to feel relaxed and house-proud when I’m at home.
2. I want to spend more time playing with my kids.
3. I want an area of the home where I can make and learn with Mayana, and run my kid’s art group from.
4. I want to organise the making room!
5. I always lose my motivation.
6. Something I don’t need anymore but am having trouble parting with is excess crafting supplies.

So… we’re off and running, and I am actually really excited about this. I love the fact that every morning I’ll wake up to an email with some instructions and lists of things that I need to do and can tick off. That works for me. I’m most productive when I’m working off a list… and there is nothing more awesome than crossing things off!

If you want to join in.. it’s not too late! Just click here and subscribe (it’s free!)

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