Monday, 27 February 2012

Welcome to the Family!

As I mentioned in my last post, Mayana has been amazing this week.


She filled up her ‘sticker’ chart, and earned herself the privilege of going shopping for some new pet fish.

So Pete and Mayana headed off to the fish shop this morning, and Mayana chose 4 Mollies, and one Bristle-Nose “Sucker” fish. They set up the fish tank in her bedroom, and I had a very excited Mayana this afternoon, who dragged me to her bedroom the moment I stepped foot in the door to see her new fishies.


After much deliberation, she has finally come up with names for her five fish.


From top to bottom, meet Teddy, Kami & Tess.


The little speckled fella on the left is Marble; Kami kept swimming into every photo I took!


And here’s the whole gang. The Bristle Nose, who likes to hang out behind the filter, is named Dorothy. Mayana tells me that her job is to keep the tank clean.

We’ve decided to make feeding the fish part of her bedtime routine, and she is most excited at the prospect of feeding them for the first time tonight!

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