Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Okay To Wake

This morning, for about the third morning in a row, we heard a certain Maysi-bird up and about well before 6am. It’s these early hours of the morning when her Papa and I are both asleep that she tends to get herself into serious mischief. Like the time when she spilt black paint all over her Making Room floor, pyjama top and toy dog. She knows she’s not allowed to touch her paint without us! Argh!

I got out of bed, walked her back to her room and told her it was not waking up time yet. She informed me that she had looked out of her window and the sky was blue and the sun was awake. Drat stupid summer!

As I rolled back into bed, I mumbled to Pete about an alarm clock I had seen forever ago that turns green when it’s okay to get out of bed, and how much I wish I could find one for Mayana.

A little later, when it was a little after 6am and actually time to wake up, I did a quick Google search on my phone, and discovered that this clock is called an ‘Ok to Wake’ clock, and is made by an American company. Every stockist I found online was based in the States, and didn’t ship internationally. Sad. But then, I did one last Google search, and discovered that Aldi is advertising the Ok to Wake clock for $29.95 in their special buys catalogue that started TODAY! No. Freaking. Way. Right?  I couldn’t believe it!

Seriously, I’ve seen this thing once before, and the day that it pops into my mind happens to be the same day that it features in an Aldi catalogue. Unreal.

So needless to say, straight after school today I was off to Aldi to buy myself one of these babies:


I spent the afternoon telling Mayana that tomorrow when she wakes up, instead of looking out of her window she needs to look at her new and awesome clock. If it is green (the light makes most of what is white in the picture turn green) then she can get out of bed and come to Mama and Papa. If it is still white, she needs to close her eyes and go back to sleep.

Tomorrow will be the test… I have high hopes.

Thanks Aldi!


  1. Oh - good luck! We used a normal alarm clock with Will at a similar age and it worked well, until he started getting impatient and kept calling out asking why it wasn't 7 yet...

    We've given up now!

  2. Ohhh good luck Zoey! And how AWESOME is Aldi?!

  3. That sounds great. I actually saw a similar clock yesterday at Australia Post, and thought "that would be a super idea if I had a 3 year old!"
    I hope it works. Fingers crossed for a good morning sleep.


Thank you!!


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