Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Peek At My Week

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Can you believe that we are three days away from the end of February? The weeks are just flying by aren’t they? I guess that’s one of the perks of being so busy at work. I’m so looking forward to holidays and then maternity leave.. and those couple of weeks of relaxation (or here’s hoping!) between then and popping out a baby!

This week has been a vast improvement on the last. I feel like I have my little girl back. In fact she has been just delightful this week, and more than made up for her week of monster-dom. We started using a fantastic magnetic sticker chart that I got from my favourite store, Aldi. We are working on four things: Dry Bed (she is so there with this, we’ve only had one accident in the three weeks since we ditched the nappies); Eating Dinner; Having a Tidy Room before going to bed each night, and making Good Choices. She has earned her sticker for each of these things fair and square every day this week.

I’m not joking when I say it’s like having a different kid in the house. Not even one fight over dinner, and an empty plate every night. The deal was that when she filled up this chart, we were going to buy her some pet fish (this has been discussed ever since we moved to this house, and we decided it would be good to put a bit of purpose behind it). We were expecting that to take at least a couple of weeks, but it looks like Papa and Maysi will be going fish shopping tomorrow!

Peter is feeling much more settled at work this week. He’s really putting together a great program, and loving seeing the kids learning. He started doing the alphabet this week, and is going to work on one letter each week. Mayana LOVED it, and has been talking about and pointing out ‘Annie Apple’ all week. She has become very interested in writing her name, and I spent half of the week writing ‘Mayana’ in dots for her to trace. She is also coming out with some fantastic drawings, that have very elaborate stories behind them. When she’s done drawing, she comes up and asks me to write the story down. I’ll have to share some of these in a later post. She is growing up so quickly, and she’s just so flipping clever, I’m finding it hard to keep up!

We’re still trying to get into the swing of both of us working… and getting both of us to work on time with the three of us fed and lunches made is difficult some days. I have a feeling that we’ll get a handle on it about the same time as I stop working.

Yesterday we drove 1.5 hours to a town that has some real shops. Including my favourite, Spotlight. I was super self-controlled and managed to only spend $37 there, which is so impressive. Seriously though, it was fun to have a day together, just the three of us, enjoying each other’s company and treating ourselves to a few fun things.

This weekend, we hit the 30 week mark in my pregnancy. I’m getting to the fun stage where I’m super exhausted, but ironically can’t sleep because it’s uncomfortable to sleep on my side and I can’t actually breath when I lay on my back. The stairs at work get a little harder every day, and I’m definitely losing lung capacity. I felt him have the hiccups for the first time this week, and Peter and I spent about half an hour the other night watching my belly jump around in response to Peter’s pokes. He’s certainly very active in there, and I’m SO EXCITED about meeting him!

So another week down…. half way through the school term!

How was your week? I’d love to hear all about it Smile

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